Monday, November 10, 2008

Pet Peeves Set 1

Alright so like most people I have some pet peeves. OK I think I might have more than most people which is why I am breaking them up into sets. My first is going to deal with spelling and or grammar errors I see on places like Twitter (my new fave time waster check out my profile here and follow me).

My biggest pet peeve is as follows; a lot is TWO words not one (alot or allot I have seen it done both ways).

Use has a past tense and it is used followed by to. As in I used to be a child NOT I use to be a child (this is much more common than I would have thought!).

When making words that end in s plural or possessive you DO NOT add 's, you just add '. Example: That is James' letter.
That is James's letter.

So that's my short list of spelling and grammar errors I see a lot on Twitter and blogs and such. These annoy me so beware people!

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