Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Confessions of the Day 7

I have now packed almost the same lunch for my son two days in a row. A PBandJ Uncrustable (so it's not like I even made the damn sandwich), milk, cheese stick, grape tomatoes and apple sauce. I have run out of ideas and time in the morning.

I spent about 5 mins. cleaning the inside of my windshield instead of going into my son's school and picking him up on time.

My son caught me eating Jelly Bellies but I lied and told him they were vitamins, so that I didn't have to share with him.

I did nothing to stop my daughter from pulling our very old, and very bitchy cat's tail. In fact I was almost hoping the cat would take a swipe at her and scare her, so she would stop chasing her around the house.

I laughed so hard I started tearing up because my son was annoyed at his sister getting in front of the TV while he was watching Cars, so he took her favorite toy and threw it across the room and said "Go fetch it sister!". And she did and she kept bringing it back to him to throw. I just sat here laughing hysterically and letting him tell her to fetch!

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