Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Thougths and Questions

Why am I 34 years old and still watching 90210? Is it just to catch up with my old Beverly Hills 90210 characters like Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin???  Yes in part but they haven't been on much at all and yet here I sit still watching these 17 something year olds go through their teen angst.  I can still kinda relate but they just seem whiny most of the time. Oh and stupid.

It is sad just how much I have been enjoying texting since I got my new Samsung Intensity with slide out keyboard.  I really couldn't stand nor really understand the fun of texting when I had my old Motorola Razor where I had to double or triple punch a button to get the right letter.

I know my mom reads my blog (never comments but reads) and I have a some subscribers but how many of my real life friends and or family really read???  Just curious...

It's a little nuts but I sometimes watch my 2 year old daughter play with my cup full of paint brushes for a good 45 mins. straight and I wonder if she is autistic.  She found a cup of clean paint brushes in my craft room the other day and she has been obsessed with pulling them out one by one and brushing her leg with each one then putting it on the floor.  Once she has gotten all the brushes out she puts them one by one back into the cup.  She then gets up walks around shows me the cup or who ever else is around and finds another spot to sit in and goes through the whole process again.  I have a masters in special education and I know the signs so maybe I am hyper sensitive.  She talks and is loving and social but she loves to walk on her toes and has some weird habits (like the paint brushes and throwing all her toys out of their bins but doesn't play with them).  I worried that my son was autistic too.  It's not that I wouldn't love my children less if they were autistic but I just want what is best for them and early identification is huge and I don't want to stick my head in the sand and not admit there is a problem.

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