Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 16 & 17 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude

Day 16: Animals

I have already showed off a picture of my dog Frodo, so for the animal day I had to include our cat Rio.  She is 12 years old like Frodo.  We got both animals after we got married and moved into our condo.  Rio was a Hurricane Floyd survivor.  She and her brothers and sisters were tiny kittens who were rescued by firemen in the Triangle area where there was a lot of flooding.  The firemen had the kittens spayed /neutered, got them their shots and had them declawed.  My mom found out about them and asked us if we wanted a cat and we did.  So we got Rio (river in Spanish).  So named because of all the rivers that overflowed and cause the flooding that brought her to us.

Day 17: Memories

I am a scrapbooker.  So when I saw that the theme for today was memories I could not not show off one of my scrapbooks.  I just pulled a random scrapbook off the shelf and found a colorful page.  This happens to be the pages for when my grandparents came to visit and then just a week or two later my daughter Marley was born.

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