Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 25 & 26 of 30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude

Day 25: Artwork

I am lucky that I have a few pieces of real art work in my house.  It's mostly because my uncle owns and runs a frame shop and gallery (in the Triangle area here is a link to his shop House of Frames Craven Allen Gallery).  So I get free framing and artwork a lot.  One of my favorites is this piece.  It's a water color by a North Carolina artist named Sue Sneddon.  She normally does beautiful paintings of the ocean but she took a trip the southwest and did some work.   This one is a canyon at night with the stars.  I fell in love with it and my mom ended up getting it for me from my uncle's show.

Day 26: Transportation

This is Doc.  So named by my son Noa for Doc the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in Cars.  He named our old van too (Lightning) and when we got this new Honda Odyssey he was upset that we were getting rid of Lightning.  So I told him to name this van and since it happens to be blue we came up with Doc. 

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