Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 7, Day 8 & Day 9 of 30 Day Gratitude Photo Challenge

Day 7: Innovation

I had a really hard time coming up with a photo for innovation.  I wanted to take a picture of my class because 20 years ago my class would never have existed.  People with disabilities were just shut up at home or in institutions or worse for some of the more severely disabled.  But anyway off my soap box.  I ended up choosing Wi-Fi!!  I love Wi-Fi!  And it just makes me happy (especially when it's free).

Day 8: Sleep

This is what I see when I lay in my bed at night.  That star is one of my favorite things.  I bought it along with two others (one for each of my girl cousins Lehua and Kimmie and me).  So part of the reason I love so much aside from it being pretty is that when I look at it I am reminded of my cousins who I love dearly and miss.

Day 9: Holidays

Unlike ALL the retailers who pretty much skip from Halloween to Christmas, I thought I'd actually talk about the holiday of Thanksgiving.  My daughter is going through a major Berenstain Bear phase right now.  So she loves having us read this Thanksgiving Berenstain book to her over and over and over and over and over... you get my drift.  But I have to count my blessings because there will come a day when she won't even want to be seen with me so I better love that she wants me to read this book to her a million times in a row.

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