Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To crawl or not to crawl

My daughter just turned 8 months old and she is not crawling and not really making any attempt to. I must say that I am just fine with this! In fact I hope she doesn't crawl for quite awhile. Frankly my life gets a lot harder once she starts to crawl because our house while somewhat baby proofed is not baby crawling proofed. My son is almost 5 so we have been out of the lock up everything phase for a while. With my son I wanted him to crawl so bad and was doing all I could to help him along and sure enough he started at around 6 months old. Now I know better and I want my daughter to wait as long as possible!! Now is this lazy? Maybe yes but now that I have two dear children to deal with it just seems like if she could wait until her brother goes back to school that would be great! Oh and what the hell is with all the baby food jars and packages telling me that she can't have their products until she crawling with her belly off the floor??? WTF! The girl has been eating Puffs and Cheerios for months now and not having any trouble with them. I didn't remember this at all with my son that the packages said that. Not that it stopped me in the slightest from giving them to her.

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