Monday, August 18, 2008

Confessions of the Day 2

We just got back from being on vacation for a week and we had no regular milk in the house so my 5 yo son got strawberry milk for breakfast. Can we say way to much sugar before 8am???

My son got Wall-E for the Wii for his birthday and it's really to hard to play for a kid under about 6 I would say but he tries. Anyway when he get frustrated he wants me to play for him. And I have to say I think I like playing it more than he does.

When playing games today I was going through the game cabinet and cleaning it and organizing it AGAIN and found a cheap piece of crap checker set my son got from Chuck E. Cheese. We never play it b/c he can't really yet and the pieces are just everywhere so I snuck into the trash and then made sure I covered it up with other trash so he wouldn't see it and pull it back out. Why does Chuck E. Cheese have to have such cheap pieces of crap that NO ONE will ever use???

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