Tuesday, November 18, 2008

confessions of the Day 5

I will only record and watch the Scooby Doo shows from the 60's & 70's for my son because these are the ones I watched as a child and still love them. Not to mention anything with Scrappy is crappy!! And I can't stand the voices on the new animated ones.

I convinced my husband to go into work late so my daughter could nap longer. Now where was I? Picking up my neighbor's girl from school and taking her home. I didn't want to wake my daughter up after only an hour to go with me, so I talked him into staying at home. What I didn't tell him was that it made my life a thousand times easier. That way I didn't have a cranky baby and I also then didn't have to lug a 25 pound baby and a booster seat back to my car, while also holding a 3 year olds hand across the parking lot.

I am just finally getting around to putting photos into frames that I got at my baby shower and for my daughter's birth. That was almost a year ago. Yeah a year. I have had blank frames in her room for a year now. Worse than that there were a few frames already in her room from when it was my son's and they still had pictures of him in them. Yes I am a slacker ... thank you very much!!

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