Friday, December 5, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Lets face it being a Mom is great but it's also the hardest damn job I've ever had so I have to find ways to deal with the bad days and as of late my guilty pleasures have been my go to. So we all have them. Guilty pleasures. You know the things you are embarrassed to admit to people even friends that you like or even LOVE. These small things help me get through my not so good days and even make my good days better. Sitting in bed last night with James we stumbled across Jackass which is now playing on another channel in reruns. Which started me thinking about my guilty pleasures. So my list starts with:

  • Blood Hound Gang (totally sexist, raunchy, funny, disgusting music just listen to The Ballad of Chasey Lain on the website)

  • Winter Oreos (seasonal Oreos with extra filling died red ... as if normal Oreos aren't bad enough let's just add LOTS of red dye too!)

  • Twitter (it's like stalking complete strangers ... I just can't explain it)

  • Cars for the Wii (I am totally hooked on driving around Radiator Springs looking for new challenges and buying new paint jobs for all the cars while my son helps me play)

So that's my short list of guilty pleasures right now. So what are some of yours that I should check out??

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