Monday, December 1, 2008

Confessions of the Day 6

My house is arguably the messiest it's ever been and I just don't care. It's not dirty it's just messy from my daughter's 1st birthday party, out of town guests, and then leaving for a few days for Thanksgiving. In fact there are still party decorations hanging up and the cooler still waiting to be taken back out to the garage and pillows and blankets still in the scrapbooking room waiting to be put away. I could be picking up now while my daughter naps and my son is being entertained by my husband but no I am blogging and am happy to be just sitting here and NOT cleaning.

I forgot to feed my daughter lunch. Yes I deserve Mom of year ... I'm sure this will win me the nomination. She was napping when I fed the little girl I watch and myself. By the time she woke up from her nap it was time to head out to pick up my son from school. When we got back home I was so focused on getting everything (this leads to the next confession just wait) and everyone ready for her 1 year old check up at the doctors that I forgot to give her any lunch. So it suddenly hits me as we are walking into the doctors office that OMG she didn't have lunch! She didn't cry or do anything to let me know she was hungry. I fortunately had milk in a sippy cup and crackers in the diaper bag so she had some food before she went into her appointment.

I forgot about her 1 year old check up until about 11 am this morning when I just happened to check to my calendar. I went searching for her immunization records to take with us because she would be getting more vaccinations. This would be when I forgot to feed her. But of course I could not find the immunizations records and she didn't get lunch.

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