Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cancer Sucks

This is more serious post because I am just not in a funny mood today. I am so tired of seeing my beloved family and friend post updates or emails dealing with all the horrible complications from chemo and/or cancer. It overwhelms me who is not even near them but desperately wish I could be closer to them, so that at least I could feel useful in some little way.

My Uncle Gordon is currently in the hospital in Hawaii fighting stomach and esophageal cancer. He was only diagnosed a few months ago. And my friend and former neighbor Meg's daughter Molly (who is only 5) is in the hospital in Boston fighting cancer as well. Both are in the ICU at the moment and are in my thoughts all the time. Every email or new post just makes me cry and wish I could do something, anything for both of them.

Last night while sitting in bed talking with my husband about both my Uncle Gordon and Molly. I was so frustrated and worried about both them that I went on a little rant. And here it is:

After thumbing through the latest issue of US magazine I can across an ad for Latisse. What never heard of it?? Well me either but it's a prescription medication to grow longer, fuller, darker EYELASHES!!!! Yes eyelashes! Oh now this is medicine we ALL need! Yes NEED! WTF?!?! Why are companies spending money developing and bringing to market dumbass prescription medicines like this when there is still NO CURE for cancer?? It just baffles me really. Now I know they would say a medicine like this will make a lot of money and then they can put more money into cancer research. BUT I just think it's a waste of time! All the money, time and energy being put into this stupid drug all while I watch my uncle and Molly battle for their lives against cancer.

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