Thursday, July 16, 2009

For Molly

Molly with my son at the fire station 2006

Last week I posted a blog called Cancer Sucks about my uncle and my friend's daughter, who have been battling cancer. Well little Molly lost her battle on Sunday. The world has lost a feisty, loving, sweet, smart, fun little girl. Molly will be missed by all those who knew her. I hope she knows what a profound effect she has on my family and our community.

Molly with my son pumpkin picking 2006

My son (who has seen too much death in his short 5 years) said it best when I told him the news. He said Molly is heaven now with fun people she can play with all the time and she can say hi to my Paw Paw (my father in law). I know that is true that where ever Molly is she having fun and is being taken care of. I can not begin to imagine what her parents and brother are going through but my thoughts are with them every day. The world has lost a bright light but maybe we can focus our anger, sadness, and need to help into finding a cure for childhood cancer, heck cancer in general.

Molly with my son and our neighbor Spidey 2006

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