Monday, February 15, 2010


New is the new word for my life. I am faced with the painful fact that I have to go back to work. At first I just freaked out and cried and got really blue about it. The last 6 years have been the best of my life. Being home with my kids has been the best thing ever. But financially we need more income so I have been forced to reevaluate my career. I was a special education teacher before I stayed home with my kids but I accidentally let my teaching licence expire last year. So if I did go back to teaching I would have to get re-certified at the same time which means taking classes while I am working full time. Which is a big NO WAY. I would already be away from my kids all day and then I would have to deal with classes. Yuck!!!

My dream is be an artist/crafter and make a living that way but it's hard and takes time. I have an account and have been selling through it and here locally to my wonderful friends. I just wanted to show off some of the frames I have made but given away. This first one is one I made for my mom it's origami paper punched out like puzzle pieces and arranged on the frame.

This second one is one I made for a really, really good friend of mine and it is made with scrapbook paper I punched into circles of different sizes and then arranged.

They aren't the best pictures because I took them (and I am so not a photographer) quickly just for myself because I knew they were not going on to But I love them all the same. Now if I could just start selling some more....
In the mean time I am looking into taking classes to become an Esthetican (facialist/waxer). I can shape a mean eyebrow and there is not a zit that scares me. And I'd like a new path to head down. So we will see where all this leads....

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