Sunday, May 9, 2010


So let's play a little catch up.  I left on May 1st for a 5 day cruise on Royal Caribbean to Bermuda.  This trip had been planed for over a year.  It was set up by a lady that my friends and I scrapbook with and it was also a scrap booking cruise (although I didn't end up doing much at all...).  Anyway myself and 2 of my really good friends (Ivy & Michelle) shared a room and some really good times.

 Michelle, myself & Ivy just about to board the ship

We boarded the ship on Saturday in Norfolk, VA.  Saturday and Sunday were sea days and the only days I did any scraping besides laying by the pool on deck and drinking.  Monday and Tuesday we were in Bermuda.

 The Enchantment of the Seas

We docked at the Royal Dock Yards which is the very western tip of the island.  There are two major cities in Bermuda, Hamilton and St. George.  We had already lined up a sunset catamaran sail (with unlimited rum swizzles ... see where our minds were) for the evening in Bermuda so we had the whole morning free.  We wanted to get over to St. George (we had a tour of Hamilton on the second day) but after missing the first ferry we just didn't have enough time.  Even though Bermuda is only 26 miles long, traffic is crazy and they don't rent cars so the only ways to get around are by taxi (reeeeaaallllyyy expensive), mopeds (no thank you I wouldn't like to visit the ER in a foreign country), or by ferry.  Since St. George is on the OTHER side of the island from the Royal Dock Yards we just couldn't get over there this trip.  Oh well I make it there another time.  So we just walked around Hamilton and shopped.  Later that day we took our cold but gorgeous and informative sunset catamaran sail.

 Michelle, Ivy & I on our Sunset Sail

Day two in Bermuda we took our walking tour of Hamilton and again learned a lot and saw some beautiful places.  After our tour we stopped to have lunch and try the true official drink of Bermuda the Dark & Stormy (LOVE it).

 Weather Vane in Hamilton, Bermuda

Then we had to get back on board to leave Bermuda.  But we still had one more day at sea to lounge by the pool and have Placid our cocktail waiter bring us all the drinks we wanted.  It was a blast!  It was a nice time to spend time with great friends, relax and enjoy a vacation with out kids.

Ivy & I in out tiny room (it looks A LOT bigger in this picture than it really was)

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