Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm baaaaccccckkkk

I have returned from my cruise to Bermuda.  There were times I didn't think I would make myself get back on that ship and come home it was so beautiful!  Not to mention it was a fun, relaxing, informative and downright awesome!!!!!!!!  I have the best friends and I wasn't not sure what going on vacation without family would be like since I have only done short weekend trips with people other than my family.
So shockingly or not so shockingly I didn't turn on my computer once while I was gone so no new posts for most of the week and I'm sorry about that.  But I promise I will do a whole post on what I did with pictures and all that good stuff at some point this weekend.  But for now my wonderful mother-in-law who stayed the week to help my hubby with the kids is still here and I want to spend some time with her before she leaves tomorrow. 

Oh and the new Sookie book came out book 10 Dead in the Family!!!!! I just got mine today and I can't wait to start!   I know that was a random add on to this post but I just had to tell someone!

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