Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What does your car say about you? If you don’t have a car, what kind of car would be your daily driver?

I have kids.  It's a Chrysler Town & Country mini van.  I really don't like it and wouldn't drive it unless we had kids.  But it's got lots of room and drives nice so it's all good for now.

2. To this point, what has been your purpose on this planet?
I think it was/is to have my kids.  I think raising good people is what I was meant to do.

3. If you could trade places with any person for any amount of time, who would it be?
My husband.  It would be nice to see what he does all and I would like him to see what I do all day.  I think it would help us better understand each other.

4. What is your favorite kind of cake? If you don’t like cake, what is it about it that you don’t like?
I love a fluffy, moist yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting!!! 

5. Would you have wanted to live in your parents’, grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ generation or only your own?
I think my own just because I am too much of a feminist and a techie to want to give up my freedom and my computer.

6. Do you have any home remedies for illnesses, cleaning or otherwise?
I swear by Celestial Seasonings Fruit Tea Sampler when I feel a cold coming on.  I drink 3 or 4 cups a day I swear it nips it in the bud or shortens the cold.
For cleaning I use a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to clean counters or glass.  It works well and kills germs plus it's cheap and green too.

7. What is your ideal weather situation?
70-73 degree sunny day with low humidity.  Which is spring and fall here.

8. What is your best attribute (physical or personal)?
I happen to like my blue eyes and I have pretty good hair (straight, long and not too thick or thin).

9. Do you text or surf while driving?
I sometimes text while at stoplights but I don't have a smart phone so no surfing for me.  But even if I did have one I wouldn't do it because my husband does it and it makes me so friggin nervous.

10. How long have you known your best friend?
Well I am going to be obnoxious and tell you I have 3.  There is my best friend Jennie who I have known since the 5th grade (so 24 years or so).  She knows me better than just about anyone.  But since we don't live in the same town anymore she is not as connected to my everyday life as my other best friend.  My other best friend is Ivy.  She and I met  almost 6 years ago through the MOMS Club.  Our sons were babies and archenemies (when they were babies) so we had a bond trying to keep out sons from beating each other up.  But we found we lots in common too and she is always there for me.  And last but not least my last best friend is my husband James.  Our 11th anniversary is coming up on Friday but we have been together 13 years!!!  The best part is we can still have great conversations just like we did when we meet 13 years ago.

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