Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How do full time working moms do it??????

Here is the catch up.  I have been a stay at home mom for almost 7 years now.  Before staying home I was a special education teacher.  I liked teaching but not sure that is what I want to go back and do (for several reasons) that.  I have been trying to start up my Etsy shop which is going OK but not nearly enough to call it a full time job (pay wise).   So I have been on the lookout for something else.  Well I managed to find a part time gig a few weeks ago.  I am a companion or also known as a home companion.  I have a client and I help him get around to different places he needs to go, do volunteer work, and just be a well a companion.  It's been enjoyable and I like it.  But it's only 20 hours a week but for now that is OK.  Despite it only being 20 hours a week I am finding it hard to get my normal stuff done!!!!  My blog is suffering, my Etsy shop is suffering, laundry is suffering, and house work is suffering!!! I guess it doesn't help that in middle of all this we are winding down school (lots of parties and fun things I have to remember to send things in for), we have family visiting for holidays (being at the beach is fun also very busy), and saying good bye to a friend (with 2 going away functions and our last GNO together).  And as usual I had about 15 minutes to bang this out while eating lunch, during my daughter's nap.  But now I have to go get my son off the bus and start my very busy afternoon of playing, homework, laundry, dinner and what ever else needs attention in my house.....

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