Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

So the instructions for this week were to put the brand or company I use for each item. 

1. Cell Phone - Verizon and I have a Samsung Intensity phone

2. Email - I have several accounts but most are on my home Time Warner Road Runner account.  But I also have a Gmail account too.

3. Toothpaste - Crest Whitening Cinnamon flavor

4. Car - Chrysler Town & Country Mini Van named Lightning by my son.

5. Writing Utensil - What ever I can find closest to me.

6. Lotion - I have several I go between depending on what scent I want that day.  But mostly I have been using Body Shop Strawberry Whipped body lotion or plain old Lubriderm lotion with 15 SPF because I am trying to be better about using sun protection ALL the time.

7. Interior Paint - What ever is the cheapest and/ or my husband buys.

8. Soda/Drink - My favorite soda of all time is Vanilla Coke but since I try not to drink too much regular soda I don't have it often (and they stopped making it in diet) but I like Diet Dr. Pepper a lot.

9. Laundry Detergent - Method in the Peony Blossom scent

10. Medicine - Not sure what they mean by medicine.  But I don't take any prescription meds.  I take a multi-vitamin and oh yeah Zyrtec for my allergies.  And my drug of choice for headaches and pain in general is Advil Liquigels (LOVE the liquigels because they really do get into my system faster).

Well that was short and to the point this week.   No rambling stories.  Could be that I'm tired and have have a headache so I am going to go take a few of those lovely Advil Liquigels right now.  Maybe I will get around to posting how my very first craft fair went this last weekend.  I wish I had remembered my camera but I didn't.  When I get some free time I will do a quick post (which means it could be a few days at the rate I'm going lately).

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