Monday, August 16, 2010

Manic Monday ... Who am I kidding more like manic life

I know last week I said I was going to get around to posting about my family vacation/reunion in Tennessee but it didn't happen.  Shocking right?  No not really....  but I do have a legit excuse!!  Last week was my mom's 60th birthday, my husbands birthday (they have the SAME birthday) and then Sunday was my son's 7th birthday.  So this week was a rush of getting things in order from being gone for a week and then prepping for 3 birthdays!  Throw in on top of that my new job and my existing Etsy stuff and I don't have nearly the time or energy I used to have.  But I swear this post is not going to be me whining about everything.

So I had briefly mentioned that I worked this summer as a home companion.  I started in May and worked my last few days the week before I left for Tennessee.  I worked about 20 hours a week taking a 30 year old guy around to appointments, meetings, and to do some volunteer work.  I don't have permission to go into detail about why he needed a companion.  But it was an enlightening and very interesting job.  Maybe I can get permission so I can talk about it sometime because it was eye opening to say the least.  But it would have been nice to be able to work with him a little longer but his situation changed.  I knew the end was coming so I started looking for other job options.  I saw that a company called Portrait Innovations was hiring, so I sent in my resume just to see what happened.  I originally thought I wasn't even going to get an interview because over 6 weeks passed with no call.  But then I suddenly got a call to go in and interview.  It went well and I was offered the job within 24 hours.  I have now worked two days.  I was hired for weekends only which is ok for now.  I am hoping I can move to full time eventually.  Anyway I am going to be taking pictures.  I haven't yet but I am training.  I like the people I work with and I think it's going to be good!

So that's the job situation as of now.  My hubby started back to work (after vacation) last week but the classes didn't start back up until today.  His work schedule this semester sucks but we need the money.  He will basicly be working 12 hours a day Monday through Thursday becasue he has taken on an extra class for extra money. 

And on a completely different note my baby boy turned 7 yesterday.  I used to get very sad and choked up about birthdays because my baby was getting older and was moving away from being a baby.  I love babies so it was sometimes hard.  But this time as I was watching him open presents and read birthday cards I realized that he was going to get older no matter what and celebrating his accomplishments was better.  And he frankly amazed me with his reading and just how big he has gotten and just what a good kid he is.  And is about 10 days he starts 1st grade!!

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