Thursday, November 11, 2010

Confessions of the Day 19

My daughter Marley loves to have her toes polished.  I have no idea where she learned this!!  I do love a pedicure but as of late I get one maybe once a year because they aren't cheap.  But I keep my toes polished by doing it myself at home.  But I usually only give myself a pedicure at night once my kids are in bed.  So I can't really figure out how she learned that the little bottles on my night stand are for toes!  But the fact that as a 2 year old she is already demanding pedicures leads me to think I am big, big trouble later on down the road.

I am so glad the fall is here for a lot of reasons but one of the major ones is because I get to start wearing pants again.  And the reason I want to wear pants is because I can stop shaving my legs so often!  I hate shaving my legs.  I always end up nicking my self and I have to do it just about every other day during the summer.  So it's a nice break to not do it so often during the winter.  I'm sure my hubby isn't thrilled about it but well ......  too bad!

I have yet another new obsession (like I needed another one).  Dexter!  Now I know this show has been around for a few years but I really didn't know anything about it until a few months ago.  We had gotten Netflix and we have the unlimited online viewing.  So I also have an iPod touch and there is a Netflix app. that allows you to not only put movies into your queue but to watch any of their movies or TV shows right on the iPod.  I was bored one night and was playing with the app and decided to see what they had for suggestions for me.  The first season of Dexter happened to one of the suggestions.  So I decided to give it a try and watch the first episode of season 1.  I was hooked!!  Michael C. Hall is amazing!  So I watched all of season 1 and  2 with in a few weeks.  But they didn't have season 3 or 4 on the instant play yet.  So I have been slowly watching my way through season 3 as I get the discs from Netflix.  But I am OK with stretching it out because I learned the hard way with the Sookie Stackhouse books that once you are through them all, then that's it your done.  So I am savoring my time with Dexter!

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