Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saying Thanks

I have someone I need to say thank you to.  I have already said thank in an email but I thought I would  go a little further and say a bigger more public thank you.  So as most of you already know I have an Etsy store (oh just have a little look here).  I am trying really hard to get it more successful.  It's going well but there is always room for more business.  Anyway with the Etsy Stores they give you room for a banner and this is where you typically have a custom graphic with your store name on it.  Well if you don't have a custom graphic they provide a cute few generic ones where you just plug in your shop name and Etsy address.  Well this is what I had because I am not a graphic designer, or have enough money to hire one or have the slightest idea how to go about designing one on a computer.  So I was happy with my generic Etsy made banner and didn't think much about it.  Until one day this wonderful person came along and made me one for free and out of the blue!!!  It's a fellow Etsy store owner who happened upon my shop.  Beth over at theme fragrance made this for me.


Is that not awesome!?!?!?! Not only did she just do it out of sheer generosity but it's also PERFECT!  So I wanted to give her a little love.  So go check out her shop here.  

That is one of the many things I LOVE about Etsy. You meet so many talented and wonderful people.  I not only sell on Etsy but now it is my go to shopping site if I am looking for a present or really anything lately from kids clothes to body wash to earrings.

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