Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite zoo to visit?
My favorite is the Denver Zoo.  I like it because it's smaller so it's easy to see everything and the animals are closer so you can see them better.  Plus it's in Colorado so it's never too hot or too humid like it gets here in NC.

2. Do you visit a zoo very often?
Maybe once a year.  When my mom lived in Colorado we went more often.  I would like to go to  the NC Zoo more but it's a good 3 hour drive and it's way to miserable to go during the summer.

3. Do you have a membership to a zoo?
Yes sort of ... we have a membership to our NC aquarium and with that comes free admission to lots of other zoos and aquariums around the country including the NC Zoo.

4. When you visit a zoo, do you stay all day or just an hour or two?
It's usually an all day visit.  Since it's not in our town we drive to it and spend all day.

5. Do you buy food at the zoo or pack a picnic lunch?
We buy food because again it's a drive or an all day trip to the zoo so it's just easier to buy food there.

6. What is you favorite animal to see at the zoo?
I either love to see the polar bears or the gorillas.

7. What is your least favorite animal to see at the zoo?
Snakes!  I hate snakes.  They creep me out even behind glass.

8. What is your favorite memory of going to the zoo as a kid?
I wasn't really a kid but I was like 15 and we were at the NC Zoo and I was there with my mom, brother, boyfriend, uncle and grandparents.  We were in the African plain viewing area and there was a gazelle about 30 feet below us giving birth.  We stayed and watched the mom give birth and then lovingly clean up and then get the baby up and walking.  It was pretty amazing to see.

9. Do you visit the gift shop when you go to the zoo?
Always.  I am a sucker for gift shops. But I found my favorite wallet of all time at the Denver Zoo.

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best and 1 being the worst) how nice is your city’s zoo?
Wilmington doesn't have a city or county zoo but I forgot we have local private zoo.  I have never been because it's been picketed by PETA about a dozen times.  Plus I have heard stories of how small the cages are and how pitiful the animals look.  So I just can't bring myself to go.  But I will rate the NC Zoo and I would give it a 8.

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