Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Gospel According to Katie

I am going to apologize for my two week blogging absence. I have been waist deep in planning for and teaching my class, being a full time mom to two kids during summer break and still running my Etsy store. This has been nothing short of exhausting, so blogging, cleaning, and my Words with Friends games has suffered.

But here I am giving you my version of some wisdom I'd like to pass on.

Never and I mean never carpet your stairs. Just don't go there. I don't care what you say you will do but I promise you they will not get vacuumed as often as they should. Plus they just don't vacuum as well as the floor so there's always dirt. Just go with the hardwood people.

Stop using the word retarded. Just stop. It's just as offensive as the N word or F word. I have been guilty of using it in the past but after hearing one of my students talk about it I will never use it again.

People without children do not judge parents by what you see in public. You might be able to do better when it's your turn but I doubt it. You'll see what I mean.

Buy a set of good makeup brushes. It's well worth it and they apply makeup so much better than the cheap applicators that come with the makeup.

Use please and thank you everywhere. It basic manners. Plus having worked in one of the lowliest jobs (food service) it's so nice to hear.

In that same vain get off the phone when you are ordering! That is just too rude.

Check out at least once. It's an incredible organization. And all they ask for is your voice and sometimes your time (which are two things I have lots of and am happy to share) instead of money like most non-profits.

Don't let your dog or cat's Frontline (or whatever flea or tick meds you use) lapse for more than a month. Fleas don't wait around, they attack really quick.

If you decide to give your baby a pacifier be sure to take it away before they turn 1. Experts say between 6 months and a year is best. Because the longer you wait the harder it gets!! Both my kids were about 3 and it was not fun. Not to mention the damage it did to their teeth. I cringe when I see profile portraits of my son at 3 and his paci teeth!

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