Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What’s your favorite television show  for each day of the week?
Since Tivo entered my life several years ago I stopped watching live TV as much as possible.  So I therefore do not really know or remember when my shows come on.  So I will just list the shows I watch right away as opposed to the shows that can and will sit on Tivo or DVR for weeks before I get around to them.
The New Girl
The Amazing Race
The Sing Off
Two Broke Girls
Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory
Mike & Molly
Two & Half Men
True Blood

2. How many times do you wear your jeans before you watch them?
Usually 2 or 3 depending on what I do in them.

3. What is your favorite pasta shape?
Shells or bow tie.

4. Do you read newspapers?
We just started getting the paper delivered again.  Mostly because I got an amazing deal and I like to take it to work so my students can read it or look through it.  And to get coupons.

5. Do you sleep in socks?
NO!!  I can't stand to have socks on for longer than I have to period.  I will sleep in them if I have put lotion or petroleum jelly on my feet to soften my heels.  But I only do this a couple time during the winter and usually end up pulling them off at some point during the night.

6. Favorite genre of movies?
Romantic comedy and/or sci-fi.

7. How do you feel about wrestling?
Hate it and think it's really dumb.  Sorry honey.

8. Should men pluck their eyebrows?
If they have a uni brow then yes.

9. Do you have dimples?

10. Do you like to camp?
Yes and no.  I went camping with my parents as a child and loved it.  I have so many good memories that I would love to do it again but then reality sets in and I realize what a baby I am.  I want a nice bathroom and not to have dirty feet or hair.  Or sleep on the ground.

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