Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?
We are going to my mother-on-law's house.  It should be fun.  My brother-in-law just bought a new house and that's where he and my MIL live and now we can actually stay in the house with them because it's a 3 bedroom house instead of a 2 bedroom. 

2. What are you most thankful for this year?
A lot.  I keep reminding myself that things could be a lot worse.  We have a house, jobs, food and for the most part everyone is healthy.  There are people who don't have those things.  Yes, things are tight and it sucks sometimes but it could be a lot worse.  A lot. 

3. Do you have any traditions on Thanksgiving? The parade? Football? Long naps?
I like to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Other than that I'm good with whatever.

4. Is it called stuffing or dressing? Is it in the bird or a separate dish?
Stuffing.  I like it cooked in the bird but my mom always makes extra in separate dish and I will eat that too because I LOVE it.

5. Do you cook?
I have in the past.  I've had Thanksgiving at my house a few times before.  But mostly we have always gone to our families houses.  Except the one time my friend & neighbor had us over (I was 9 months pregnant with Marley and not allowed to travel) but that was great because she is a fabulous cook.

6. What is your favorite dish?
ALL of it.  I love the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, broccoli onion casserole, and pumpkin pie.

7. What is your dessert preference?
A little of everything.  I like to try all the deserts because where ever I go there is usually more than one.

8. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
As a teenager I remember always having dinner at our house with my uncle and his partner usually and one or two of my mom's friends and then we would always go see a movie.  I know this is strange but my mom was a single parent and she doesn't like football so there was no reason to stay home.  And the theaters are open Thanksgiving night.

9. Do you plan to shop on Black Friday?
Nope.  As good as the deals are going to be we just don't have the cash (stupid new tires for my van) to start shopping yet.

10. What are you most dreading about Thanksgiving this year?
Getting the house clean and all the laundry done before we leave.

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