Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Catching up & custom orders

Sorry for the posts so few and far between.  I've had a lot going on with day job work and a two custom orders I've been hard at work on.  I just finished a custom star mobile this week.  It's pretty cool how it all came about.  I have a bunch of pieces at a local salon Rockin' Roller that has a boutique attached and a woman who gets her hair done there saw my star mobile and loved it.  She wanted to buy the one there but she said the colors didn't match anything in her house.  So her daughter said wouldn't it be nice in my room colors for my room.  So the idea hit and they got my name and number from the salon.  She called me up and we agreed on paper color choices.  She wanted to get a mobile as a surprise for her daughter for her birthday in her room colors, which are hot pink, orange, turquoise, lime green & purple.  It came out so great! I wasn't so sure about the color combos but it was spectacular all together!

The one downside though was the paper I used turned my fingers pink!  So I think I will try to use different paper next time!

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