Monday, June 10, 2013

Fancy Smancy Pictures

Okay let me just start by telling you I am not a photographer.  I wish I were a photographer,  but I'm just not. I try the best I can to take really good photos of my work, but let's be honest no one is EVER going to pay me to photograph anything.  I really find it incredibly funny that I actually was paid to take professional portraits at one point not that long ago.  Let's just say that career ended pretty quickly.  That's also a story for different time.  So it's a good thing there was a professional photographer at the Handmade Wilmington Pop-up Artisan Market the other weekend.  He did a fabulous job capturing capturing some wonderful pictures of my stuff. I just wanted to share the pictures he took because I think they're awesome and I wish I could take pictures that well.  Maybe mine would be half as good if I had a better camera but that's not really the point.

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