Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confessions of the Day 4

After my workout (a really good mommy stroller workout check it out here ) this morning at the mall (because it was too cold for the babies to be outside) I stopped at the Starbucks and got a Caramel Macchiato. Now that's not so bad you say if you got a tall with skim milk with sugar free syrup. And yes that wouldn't be too bad. But no I got the Venti with 2% (better than whole I suppose) and no sugar free anywhere in sight. So there I blew all the calories I lost during the workout.

I managed to let my 10 month old daughter eat dog food. Yes dog food. Now that she is crawling she gets into everything and it all goes in her mouth. I know typical behavior. But she was in the living room and the dog food is in the dining room a full 4 feet up a small stair case. But my sloppy dog and/or son spilled a few pieces on the living room floor (through the railing). I was so engrossed in yelling at Elizabeth Hasslebeck on the View that I didn't notice that she had crawled over and eaten the dog food. In fact I had no idea she was eating anything until a few minutes later when I found a few crumbs on her chin. I have no idea if she ate one piece or five pieces (no way there was more than that .. she didn't have that much time) but I didn't do anything about it. Had she been my first child we would have been at the doctor's office in about 2 seconds.

Once again I didn't have all the ingredients in the house to cook one of the dinners on my list and it was too late to thaw out anything for the grill. So we ordered pizza. The deal we got only had one topping on the pizza and since my son won't eat peperoni, I decided we at least needed a veggie. So we had mushroom pizza. At least it was a veggie right??? And we made him drink milk! That always helps!

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