Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Facebook blow offs

I have to say my new obsession is Facebook. I started on Myspace and still like Myspace but Facebook has great games and the ability to get back into contact with old friends and people I went to high school with AND the ability to spy on people better than on Myspace. So over all Facebook is my new mega time waster. BUT I have to say the ignore feature is interesting. It's great when you want to ignore all the random requests (but my guilty side usually won't let me) for random applications. It also lets you ignore friend requests from people you don't want to associate with. This was all well and good until it happened to me!!! I don't care if you ignore my random Lil Green Patch requests but my friend request well damn what did I ever do to you??? If I request to be your friend it means that we either are or were friends at one point in our lives (I don't go around adding people just so I can have more friends .. how lame is that?). So as I was going through all my classmates I stumbled upon an old friend from Jr. high school. We spent nights at each other's houses and we even saw a New Kids on the Block concert together. I have to say our bond was through the New Kids. She loved Jordan and I loved Jon. And yes I was a New Kid fan (only in Jr. High thank you very much). We went on to high school and we just didn't hang out anymore. We stayed friendly and we had mutual friends and we never had a true falling out ... we just moved on to different circles. So I was excited to see her on Facebook so we could catch up (like I have done with several old friends on there). Well after a week I was wondering hmmm I still haven't gotten confirmation so I checked out our "mutual" friends and she is friends with lots of our old friends. So I unable to take a hint decided something had gone wrong and sent yet a second friend request. Guess what?? That one was ignored as well. Not only has she ignored me but also a mutual member of my mommy group. Now I have to say that I am not a fan of hers (we don't ever really talk or interact) but I am friends with all the other mommies in the group who are on Facebook. So after seeing her at a MNO (mom's night out) and talking a bit to her I came home and thought what the hell I will be nice and ask to be her friend (really just to spy and so that she didn't think I was rude not to ask). Well again my friend request was ignored (but I was not stupid enough to send a second request this time). But with her at least it confirms my suspicion that we really just don't like each other. She was just the rude one and decided she didn't want to pretend. But really when you are "friends" all the other mommies and not one it's very telling. What the hell!!!! Oh well I guess not EVERYONE loves me. But really they should right?!?!?

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