Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Coffee Snob

Some how in the last couple of years I have become a full blown coffee addict.  This may not seem so unusual to anyone considering I have two kids.  Even though they are 5 and 2, I still get up at least once or twice a night most nights to deal with a lost pacifier, bad dream, or wet bed.  But I don't have coffee in my house or most mornings.  Why? Because I am a coffee snob who used to hate coffee.  Neither of my parents drank coffee in our house growing up.  So I never even tried coffee until I was in high school and I thought is was nasty!  Fast forward a few years in college and I got a job at a Barnes & Noble that was brand new and opening in my town.  I didn't get hired to be a book seller like I wanted but I was hired in the Cafe that sells Starbucks coffee.

Because it was a new store we had a special Starbucks trainer from corporate come to teach us the proper way to make all their drinks and coffee.  Not only did I learn to make all the espresso and coffee drinks but I had to try them all as well.  You would think that would have turned me into a coffee drinker but you would be wrong again.  I thought most of the drinks were still nasty!  I did kind of like the Cafe Mocha with an extra shot of flavored syrup (can we say really sweet).  I worked there for almost 3 years and got a huge discount on food and drinks but still didn't drink coffee.  But I made a damn good latte let me tell you! Or at least that's what my regulars said. I even went back to work there years later for a Christmas season after my son was born.  I still didn't drink coffee even then with a baby in the house and again with a big discount.  Some how a few years ago it just started.  I think it happened at an all day scrapbooking event that I do about once a quarter.  My friend usually stops by a local coffee house called Port City Java.  She got my order too (a mocha but they don't call it that) and I liked it as I pretty much always had but I really liked it more this time around and somehow I was hooked.  Now I am still pretty  much  a wuss and would prefer to have a Carmel Macchiato at Starbucks

or a Milky Way Latte (now called a Black and Tan Mocha) at Port City Java but I will drink McDonald's Cafe mochas if I am desperate. 

I will also now drink regular coffee (only really good mild stuff like my uncle's partner makes in his french press) but I add a lot of cream and sugar to it.  So not only am I a coffee wuss but also a coffee snob.  Especially if my latte isn't made right or the espresso shots have run too long I get cranky.  See I still know all my barista terms!!!  I don't know weather to be ashamed or proud of my coffee snobiness!!!  Oh and if you don't know the difference between a latte and cappuccino ask me, ask someone, ask anyone, just don't order a cappuccino and then take it back and tell them they didn't put enough milk in it!!

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