Monday, March 29, 2010

Confessions of the Day 15

Even though my son is on spring break this week, we have been/will be having him do homework everyday.  It's for several reasons the main being that he has not been getting all his classwork done in school and a bunch of unfinished work came home.  So as a punishment he has to finish all the half finished stuff and do some extra work.  Now I think he needs this but I also feel awful about making him do all this work on his spring break.  I feel like a mean, mean mommy.

My two year old daughter can sing or hum most of Soul Sister by Train.  I guess it could be a worse song.

I got a new cell phone but I didn't get a fancy new smart phone because frankly I am an Apple fanatic and I just want an iPhone but I REFUSE to switch AT&T because their network sucks and I am kinda mad at Apple for doing that stupid exclusive deal with AT&T.  So anyway I was over with the old ladies looking at simple cell phones.  It made me feel a bit old.  But at least I got a phone with a full keyboard so now I get texting.  It was a pain in the ass on my old Razor so I never did it often.  It's a good thing we have unlimited texting now that I have my full keyboard.

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