Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi my name is Katie and I am a reality tv addict part 1

I have had an inkling for a few years that I might possibly be a reality tv addict (there are some in my family who would say tv addict period but I come by that naturally ... thanks mom).  But as I was watching the premiere of Dancing with the Starts the other night I had to finally admit it to myself.  I swore I wouldn't watch DWTS.  Well my addiction took over. 

Is there a rehab for reality tv addicts???  Anyway as I was admitting my addiction I began to think of all think of the reality tv I currently watch and have watched.  It's quite scary and I am going to share it with you all in hopes that 1. it will shame me into going cold turkey (ummm not likely), 2. you all can feel better about yourselves because you never even saw an episode of Mr. Personality let alone watched the whole damn season, and 3. I have no reality tv showed tivoed to watched so why not!

So let's start with reality shows I have either watched full seasons of or had/have a season pass to on my Tivo.

The Real World - The reality show that started it all, for me and the reality genre.  I still watch The Real World to this day even though I am waaaayyyy out of their target audience age anymore.  But I still love it and have even blogged about it.

Survivor - I have faithfully watched every episode that has ever aired.

The Amazing Race - I LOVE it and it's won a few Emmys so it's not bad.  It makes me want to travel more than I already do and makes me realize my husband and I could NEVER be on the show together because we would be the dysfunctional couple that argues and yells all the time.

Big Brother - Yes I will admit to watching it.  I have watched all but one season (the one with Dr. Will and Mike Boggie).  I just like it.  I will even admit that that I have recorded and watched Big Brother After Dark on Showtime (if you don't know what that is good for you, you have life).

Ghost Hunters - I will say that I think the last 2 seasons haven't been as good and a normal person aka someone who doesn't have a reality tv addiction would have stopped watching if they thought it wasn't as good but no I am still watching.

Dirty Jobs - Two words Mike Rowe.  Ok two more IS HOT.

Kathy Griffin My Life on the D List - She is hysterical!

Tabitha's Salon Take Over - Bitchy stylists and dirty salons ... so much fun!

Flipping Out - Makes me glad my hubby's OCD isn't nearly that bad!

Kitchen Nightmares -Already talked about this one here

Hoarders- And talked about this one here

Real World/Road Rules Challenge (Inferno, Duel, etc....) - My fave real world and road rules guys competing for money and hooking up all over the damn place.  Tv at it's finest!

Rock of Love -  I would NEVER admit that I like Bret Michaels.

Daisy of Love -I know, I know.  I already feel cheap you don't have to rub it in.

The Surreal Life - Does VH1 do anything OTHER than bad celebrity reality shows??

Tough Love - This one is all about watching the train wreck that is Taylor.

The Osbournes - Oldie but a goodie!

Wife Swap -Please don't ask why.

Ok so that isn't even all the reality shows I have watched full seasons of but I'm tired and need to go to bed and none of you wants to read all of that right now anyway.  So this is just part 1.  I still have all the ones I have watched a few times but none the less watched.  Wow so this might be a 5 part blog......

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