Monday, April 12, 2010

Confessions of the Day 16

Part of me feels bad that I haven't posted a new blog since last Tuesday but then another part of me just doesn't have the energy to do it or to care that much.  I love my blog and it's such a great outlet but I have had a horrible cold combined with allergies.  The last week has been so miserable because of the cold/allergies.  I was taking naps every chance I got and going to bed as soon as the kids were in bed.  So that left me no time to do anything but take care of the kids and do minimal house work (and I do mean minimal).

I LOVE Glee.  There is no way I can describe how much I love this show.  In fact I think FOX knew how much I loved it so as a birthday present to me they are starting up the new shows tomorrow Tuesday the 13th on my birthday!!!  I think one of the major reasons I love it so much is that I was in chorus all through Jr. high and high school.  It wasn't technically a show choir like on Glee but my high school chorus was big and really good and did some dance routines (I was terrible at choreography but thank god for my friend Jennie who was awesome at it and made me practice and helped me get right).  But I loved being in chorus and it was a whole subculture at my high school but a good one not like on Glee.  I also just loved singing in a chorus!  That is something I miss a lot and why I love watching Glee.  And I confess I have all the music from the show and the DVD.

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