Monday, April 5, 2010

What is a House Party you ask

So I am all about free stuff.  I mean really who doesn't like free stuff??  A year or so ago I was invited to my first House Party and I had no idea what it was.  But it was for Fisher Price toys and it was a good excuse to get my then 1 year old daughter out of the house to play with some other babies her age.  Well I quickly found out how awesome House Parties are!  First off you have to apply to host a party but that's not bad at all.  But if you get picked to host you get a box full of freebies and party favors based on the theme of the party.  I have now hosted 4 House Parties.  A South Beach Living Party, a MetaboLife Party,

a Kristin Hannah Party

and most recently a Ziploc Party.

Pretty much every House Party gives the host a few things to share and then keep along with coupons for the host and the guests get coupons and party favors.  Each party had different things and each was great in their own way.  I got  and gave water bottles and coupons for the South Beach Party,  exercise bands, stress balls, and lots of coupons for the MetaboLife Party, 12 hardback copies of Firefly Lane,  2 hardback copies of True Colors, and one preview copy of Winter Garden (awesome book!!) for the Kristin Hannah Party, and  I got tons of Ziploc bags, containers, Sharpies, note pads, and coupons for the Ziploc Party.  So if you like a deal like I do check out the House Party site and try applying.  Plus if you start having parties your friends will want to too and then you get to go to other parties too which is always good!

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