Thursday, April 1, 2010

The State of our Spring Break

I am exhausted! I figured with it being spring break it would be a relaxing week filled with fun activities.  We have been doing lots of fun activities but it means running around with the kids most of the day and dealing with a lot more fighting between the two.  We are hardly inside since this week has been the most perfect weather (this is why I live in southeastern NC).  So you would think I would be going to bed early to deal with the long days running around outside but you would be wrong.  I am up late reading.  I mentioned (check it out here) a few weeks back that I was obsessed the Sookie Stackhouse books.  I am still reading them and still obsessed!  I am on book 7 right now All Together Dead.

I will most likely be done with it in a day or so.  But I don't have book 8 yet because I on a huge waiting list for it on Paperback Swap (PBS).  Part of me wants to just go out and buy books 8 and 9 so I have them when I want them but then my practical aka cheap side kicks in and I know I can wait until I can get them off PBS.

The fun won't stop anytime soon either.  We have another long fun filled day planed for tomorrow as well and add on top of that my brother and his family is coming into town for Easter.   So a long weekend of fun, family and eggs (hard boiled and hopefully some Cadbury Creme ones and Cadbury Mini ones).  I LOVE Easter candy!  Anyway so this will most likely be my last post until next week because this weekend is going to be so busy.  Enjoy your Easter candy too!

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