Monday, May 10, 2010

My Friend Jennie Stencel Part 3

I have some sad news my friend Jennie who I have blogged about a few other times (you can see them here and here) has been let go from her gig as morning traffic anchor/person on the WXII morning show.

I have seen the show a few times when I happened to be in Greensboro for events and what not and I loved getting up early just to watch the show.  Yes I did it to see Jennie but I gotta say seeing her be funny on a morning news show was awesome!!!  I so wish the up tight morning show here would do something like that (hint hint WECT ...  Jennie is now available!!!!).  Starting the day laughing is awesome and I am not alone she has many fans some of whom turn up on this blog!  Anyway I am not sure what prompted WXII to want to part ways with Jennie but I think they are making a big mistake.  If you feel the same way please head over to a new Facebook Fan page calling for Jennie to be brought back (click here).  So here are some YouTube videos just to prove my point and well they just make me laugh.

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