Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. What is your favorite piece of furniture in your house?
This was harder than I thought.  We are now at the point where I like all my furniture (instead of having hand me downs I wasn't crazy about).  But I have a buffet (a Scandinavian maple and frosted glass piece) I got several years ago, I love but it's currently in the playroom holding toys but the more I thought about it I decided that it's not my favorite.  My dining table and chairs are my favorite.  I didn't pick it out it was a hand me down from my Uncle Johnny and his partner Keith.  But it's a huge distressed old farm table (not really ... just meant to look that way it's really from Pottery Barn) but they also gave me 8 chairs to go with it and there are  4 different colors which is so me!!  It's a great table and you can get 8 people around it, plus since it's already distressed I'm not so paranoid about it.

2. If it was raining so hard on a Saturday that you couldn’t leave your house, what would you spend the day doing?
Watching a movie, playing games, and or playing Wii with my kids.

3. What was your favorite candy as a child?
Tootsie Pops or Blow Pops.  It's like getting two candies in one!

4. Did you get an allowance? What was it based on? What did you do with it?
I did. But I only remember getting one as a teenager and it involved cleaning the house and having to take my brother to school.

5. Do you have a favorite Etsy store?
What a good question!!!  I LOVE Etsy!  I happen to sell on Etsy (check it out here if you've never been,  if you have sorry for pimpin again).  But I don't have just one favorite shop other than my own of course.  But I did just get my shipment of wonderful smelling natural and organic body washes from The Everyday Diva Co. and I will definitely be going back!

6. Do you prefer time with family or time with friends?
Both.  I know that's waffling but it's true.  I love to hang out with my family, playing games, playing outside, or just goofing off.  But I also need to have time with my friends.  I need the time out away to hang with girlfriends and talk!

7. Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, or Animaniacs?
Lonney Tunes! Tiny Toons and Animaniacs were after my time.  God I'm getting old!

8. Best daytime talk show: Oprah, Ellen, The Doctors, Tyra (ha!), Dr. Oz, or Dr. Phil?
Ellen. Love Ellen!!  I even went to a taping a few years ago (and won a trip to London ... but that's a story for another time).
I have a thing against Oprah (check it out here), Dr. Phil makes me cringe, can't stand Tyra, never seen Dr. Oz (Oprah puppet), and The Doctors are OK.

9. Would you rather have the power of invisibility or the ability to fly?
Fly!!!!! Invisibility would get lonely and who wouldn't want to be able to fly anywhere anytime for free???

10. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult.
I can go to bed anytime I want.
I can eat cereal for dinner if I want.
I can see R rated movies.
I don't have to go to school anymore.
I never have to eat a Lima bean again if I don't want to.
I get to choose what we watch on TV.
I don't have to clean my room or make the bed if I don't want to.
I get to pick the vacation spot (for the most part).

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