Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have to start out by saying I love my husband a lot, I really do!  He is kind, funny, smart, loving, generous and lots of other wonderful things but he is driving me a bit batty lately.  I mentioned awhile back that I have taken on a part time job.  I am working about 20 hours a week outside the house above and beyond my normal stay at home mom stuff.  Last night I came home to a house that was a wreck, except for the half of the kitchen my husband cleaned.  To his credit he did this all with out me asking him to, which was awesome.  More often than not I feel like I have to ask/tell him what things I need/want him to help me get done around here.  Like this morning I asked him if he would help me finish getting the downstairs cleaned up before he left for work at noon.  As I was working on finishing the kitchen and laundry and floors he would kind of walk around and pick up little things/organize them then stand and watch me clean.  I would then ask him to do something else (take the table cloth of the table please it needs to be washed).  Again he would do what I asked and then come stand and watch me work/talk to me.  Point blank it pissed me off.  Could he not look around and find things to be done himself!?!?  Yes! He's a smart man and perfectly capable of doing that.  So being the kind to let my voice be heard I told him what I felt about it.  He got mad and pissy about it but I really didn't care that much.  I just wanted help.  I have always felt that when I was at home not working I would do most of the house work and that's pretty fair I think.  But I still thought (and he agreed) that he would help out some.  In fact when I am home with the kids I feel like playing with them and doing stuff with them is the priority not cleaning (although in times of need cleaning comes before them).  But now that I am working too I thought he might step up and try to help out more.  He has stepped up with the kids and doing more cooking but the cleaning part not so much.  Anyway I already have 2 kids I have to tell to clean up I really, really don't want to have to tell my husband what to clean up too .....  it's just too much.  And that's my rant for the day.  James I love you but dude help me out and take some initiative!  Let see if he reads my blog....

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