Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Good Thing!

I happen to have a love hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  I LOVE her Every Day Foods magazine and her Living magazine.  Her craft supplies are great too and she has some really great ideas (I know she has a whole flippin company behind her doing most of it).  But somethings make me want to poke my eyes out.  Like for instance I saw her do almost 15 mins. on her show once about how to organize your linen closet!!  It made me feel like a complete failure that I a.) didn't have a walk in linen closet and 2.) even if I did I didn't want to make homemade chalkboard labels for the baskets and boxes.   But I have gone on a tangent when I was really just using her quote to start a post about some of my favorite things ever!

I love to read this is no surprise to anyone who had read this blog more than once.  I should get my books from the library to be really honest I HATE doing that.  I hate making the extra trip with kids in tow and I can't ever get things back on time (I am the same way DVD rentals).  I buy a lot of books but that gets expensive and sometimes I just don't want to wait for the paperback to come out.  So a few years ago I stumbled upon Paperback Swap.  I LOVE this site/club.  If you decide to join all you do is list 10 books you don't mind giving (swapping) away.  Once you post 10 you get 3 (at least that's what it was when I joined) credits to order any book (as long as someone has it listed) you want.  Once you order a book that person mails it to you and it's yours basically for free!!  After you have read it (at your own leisure) you can keep it if you loved it or post back up on Paperback Swap for someone else.  If someone orders a book from you all you have to do is print off a shipping label (you can even buy postage right from them) and throw the book in the mail.  Then you get another credit to use.  Now there are some books that are popular and are on wait lists.  I have several books I am on wait lists for and I don't care.  I have been known to get impatient and end up buying them but as things get tighter around here I get more patient (like the only Sookie Stackhouse book I don't have A Touch of Dead which is all short stories that I have been waiting on forever...) but that's how it works and it does work!  I get the books I want with out buying them and it's also good because we are recycling!!  So if you would like to check it out click on the button below (I do get credits for referrals ... thanks!)
href="" title="Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap."><img alt="Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap." src="" width="86" height="27">

I also love Paperback Swap's sister site Swap a DVD.  This is a great way to get rid of movies we never watch anymore and can't get squat for if we sold them.  Plus I have found it's an excellent way to get kids DVDs free.  Kids go through phases with movies so this site is nice because we can use a credit to get a DVD and then once they are done with it we put it back up.  It works just the same as Paperback Swap.  So if you would like to try it out click on the button below!
href="" alt="Swap, Trade or Exchange DVDs for Free!"><img src="" width="118" height="27" title="Swap, Trade or Exchange DVDs for Free!">

I have just recently started using Swagbucks but I am obsessed with it and it works!!  It's really just a search engine that gives you Swagbucks for doing Internet searches.   Now don't roll your eyes at me because it uses a google search and I haven't really any issues.  I have only been using it since late April/early May and I have already won enough Swagbucks to get $15 worth of gift certificates.  It's basically like getting money for doing something I was already doing before but not getting paid for!!  So if you are interested check out the button below.
href=""><img alt="Search & Win" title="Search & Win" border="0" src="">

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