Monday, July 5, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

July marks my one year anniversary of being on Etsy.  Now I really didn't start selling my wares until November BUT I was introduced to the wonder of Etsy about a year ago!!  Not only have I sold many frames but I have found some wonderful products and sellers in the process!  SO in honor of my 1 year anniversary I will be having FREE shipping in my shop tomorrow July 6th!!  So stop by and check it out!!

Here are a few (OK a little more than a few but it's too hard to pick just a few) of my creations that I love and that are up on my site for purchase.

 This was the start of it all!! I LOVE origami paper.  It's just so beautiful and comes in so many designs.  I just happened to have a puzzle piece paper punch & thought it might make a cool looking frame! This is also my biggest seller!

Baby Girl frame that can be personalized with a name.  SO cute (I did a boy one with the name for my Sister in law a few months back)!

Origami Kusudama Ball.  I love folding origami flowers and these are just so fun to make and put together.

This one is named Rough Around the Edges.  Again I love working with Origami paper because it's so beautiful & this was just another idea I had to use it!

This is most likely my all time favorite creation.  I loved making the flowers & the idea for the mirror happened quite by chance.

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