Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Thougths (aka no creativtity tonight for a title)

I am sitting here in pretty much a tired stupor.  I have spent the last two days in this state.  The cause of my sleeplessness you ask (maybe you didn't but it;s my blog & I'm gonna tell you anyway).... Eclipse.  Yes the newest Twilight Saga (vampire teenager fun for those of you living under a rock) installment.  My good friends and I went to the midnight showing on Tuesday night with all the tweens, teens, and fanatics.  My plan was to stay up late Monday night and then take a nap Tuesday while my daughter napped.  Well my little princess decided she didn't want to nap.  I made it through the movie and got to sleep about 3AM Wednesday morning.  Bad news was that I had to get up at 7AM to take my son to camp.  But I was going to get to nap when my daughter did and go to bed early.  Guess what neither one happened.  Yet again my dear darling daughter did NOT nap and I ended up having to work Wednesday night when I wasn't supposed to.  I worked until 9:30 and managed to get into bed by 10.  Again had to get up today at 7 to take my son to camp.  I then pretty much ran around all day working and taking my kids back and forth to all the different things going on today.  So anyway my point was it's all Eclipse's fault!  I am just too old to be doing opening night especially with young kids at home.

For father's day we all went to see Toy Story 3.  My son's favorite movies for the longest time were Toy Story and Toy Story 2.  He has a Buzz figure and Woody and Jessie dolls.  So we were all so excited to see the new movie.  I have confess that I think I liked it more than the kids did!  It was so good and par for the course during Pixar movies I cried.

Oh and FYI my one year anniversary on Etsy is coming up soon!!!  And I will be running a special to celebrate so be sure to keep an eye out for it!  I will announce it here in the next week.  AND I will be doing another giveaway in very near future as well!

And now I am going to bed!

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