Monday, July 12, 2010

Special Project

I have been folding origami flowers like crazy for the last 4 days in order to prepare for a craft fair I will be selling at this coming weekend (the 17th in Garner, NC here is the website link if your interested).  Not only will be it be my first true craft fair that I have been to but it will be the first time I have tried to sell my crafts somewhere other than to family or on Etsy.  Anyway I have made a handful of new frames but I also wanted to have a few more Kusudama balls to try and sell.

So any free time I have had (like watching TV at night with James or when the kids are playing nicely ...  ha ha like that happens that often) I have been folding flowers.  Marley has seen me do it a few times and really wanted to take one of them.  So to placate her I told her I would make her some flowers when I finished with the last ball I made.  So Saturday and Sunday I only folded flowers for her.  I was going to make her a ball but I remembered I had a photo mobile kit I had gotten for Christmas.  I haven't had a chance to use it and thought that it might be really cute to take the flowers I folded and turn them into a mobile using the kit for Marley's room.  I needed 10 flowers since there were 10 clips on the mobile (2 less than I would need for a ball so that was nice).  I finished up the last one last night and clipped them to the mobile kit.  James and I were impressed with how good it ended up looking and working!!  So this morning I took the kids up with me to Marley's room and put it up for her.  

Marley's Room

You can see the mobile in the right hand corner of her room above her new big girl bed (OK it's really just her crib with the front pulled off).  Oh and she decided she was going to start climbing out of her crib last week so we had to convert her crib to "big girl bed" until we can find a real twin size bed we like.  So I am hoping the flower mobile will help her want to stay in her new bed.  The mobile looks good from this angle but the best is from the bottom or what Marley sees when she lays down.

With flash....

Without flash....

I am so happy with the results!!!  Now my son wants one too but NO flowers he says.  Hmmm... well that should be interesting.  I am going to see if there is an origami pattern for a rocket (that's not too complicated).  Or I will do stars for his.  But that's my next special project for all the free time I have....

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