Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ten on Tuesday ... just a bit late

I know I am a day late and a dollar short but I loved this idea for Ten on Tuesday and still wanted to do it.  

For each of the following, take a picture. This is a chance for us to get a literal glimpse into each other’s lives. Feel free to skip a question if it doesn’t apply to you or it’s too personal. You can include explanations if necessary.

1. My house.  The ONE big (maybe 8 inches) snow we had this year.

2. My shower.

3. The inside of my refrigerator.  It's packed because a.) we trying to eat at home all the time and b.) my mom just left town again we got all her perishables.

4. My pets.  Rio the cat and Frodo the dog.  She is loving on him and he is tolerating it... sorta.

5. My favorite pair of shoes.  I LOVE these flip flops!  They are so comfortable and I can wear them most of the year here.

6. The most comfortable seat in my house (at least according to me).  It also doubles as my computer station.

7. My favorite cups.  I don't know why I like these so much but I do.  They also have matching lids!

8. My laundry room which is also the entrance to the garage which I don't like but oh well.  And yes I know my washer and dryer don't match!  My original washer broke a few years ago so we bought a new washer but didn't see the need to replace a perfectly good dryer so we left it.  Then a few months ago the dryer bought the farm too and we replaced it with the fancy one because we got a ridiculous deal.

9. The views from my office chairs.  Well since my "office" is my home and my craft room is sort of my office I thought I would show you it.
The view of my craft room from the playroom

Origami flowers and various other crap on one table

My spray station - this is a frame for a friend for her baby shower

The view from the windows back into the room

10. My spouse & Kids

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