Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Babies, Babies Everywhere!!

Being a stay at home mom can get very lonely and boring.  I found this out very quickly after my son was born.  So I joined a local chapter of the MOMS Club.  It's a national organization for stay at home moms.  It is really a great group and I have now been in my chapter for almost 6 years (I joined when Noa was 8 months old).  So being a club with many moms you can imagine there is almost always at least one pregnant lady in the bunch!  And as these things tend to do they go in spurts.  So I had two baby showers in the last few weeks.  I was unable to attend them which really sucked because James was working or I was working and I really wanted to attend but I guess that's life.  But of course I got gifts for the babies and their mommies.  I just wanted to share them because well I think they are too cute and I wanted people to see what kind of personalizations I can do with my frames on Etsy.

So this one was for a friend and her daughter and my son are in the same class this year at school.  She was having her third baby who's name was Emmett.

And then there are the the twins!!!

And another member is having twin girls named as you can see Charleigh & Ryleigh.  With names like those it will hard for her to come across anything with their names on them.  I am in the same boat with my kids (Noa & Marley).  But do my kids have frames with their names on them yet??  Nope.  But I will do it one day!!

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