Tuesday, September 7, 2010


OK I know I am not the best about posting blogs often.  I try I really do.  But seriously life just gets in the way.  I will not be doing a Ten on Tuesday this week because the lady who runs that fun little deal just a had a brand new baby!  Congrats Chelsea & family!  Anyway she is understandably taking a break this week.  Which is actually fine because as you are reading this my life line (aka my MacBook) is in a mail truck somewhere on it's way to get fixed and thanks to auto post feature you are reading this now.  Anyway my laptop will be gone anywhere between 7 to 10 days :(.  We do have other computers in our house (don't ask how many it's obscene) but I HATE PCs so I will only use James' machines when I absolutely HAVE to and my old desktop Mac is well old and slow and I will use it when desperate or when Noa isn't on it.  But I will be for the most part only using my iPod Touch to go through email and keep up with things.  Which basically means I will not be posting a new blog, Facebooking, or Twittering much while my beloved MacBook is gone.  I still have a bone to pick with Apple but this is not the time or the place right now.  I have less than 20% power left (and that is part of the issue and why it's being worked on ... thank god it's still under warranty) and I need to finish this post up and do my last back up before I pack it up and ship it out!

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