Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend, Work, and Potty Training....

So yes it is/was Labor Day weekend.  Yay a 3 day weekend!  Sort of.  I had to work Saturday and Sunday.  Now I grant you I don't work during the week .... umm let me rephrase that I don't work a PAYING job during the week.  In some ways my stay at home mom gig is far more time consuming and frustrating but also the most rewarding but I'm off on a tangent.  Anyway my hubby was home for 4 days which is really nice.  So even though I didn't have a long weekend off it's all good.  Work is good.  I am enjoying it more and more even though Saturday I was mentally and physically spent by 9PM (I literally passed out sometime after 9PM Saturday night).  I did a lot more photography sessions by myself which included doing all the posing of the subjects, the shooting and then the selling.  It was so much to remember by myself.  I will get the hang of it but man just remembering to try and get kids in all these different poses is tough!  Sunday was better because it wasn't as busy and I felt I wasn't as rushed and I had more help from the other employees.  That's the other thing I really like about my new job is the people.  I can honestly say they are all really great people and I like working with them.  Now if I could just wear knee pads (I spend so much time on my knees shooting kids it's ridiculous!) and sneakers to work it would be perfect! 

So the way the schedule at work is done I never know if I am working Sunday until the day before.  So I for some reason didn't think I was working Sunday this week and had planned with James that we would take all day Sunday and Monday to potty train Marley.  She has been peeing on the potty a couple times a day for the last month or so and knows full well when she has to poop because she says she's poopy when she's not then runs to a corner and poops.  So I figured it was about time not to mention diapers are just insanely expensive!  Well when I found out I had to work Sunday that kinda threw a monkey wrench in the potty training plans.  James didn't think (aka want) to do it by himself on Sunday so we started first this morning.  I must say it went a lot better than I expected.  We only had one pee accident (and that was totally mommy & daddy's fault) and one poop accident!!  She pretty much went on command every time we put her on the potty today.  The one poop accident happened while we were outside playing down the street with the neighborhood kids.  I think she was just too excited to stop and tell us not to mention we weren't at home.  And the one pee accident happened while we were all watching a movie before dinner.  I kept asking her if she had to go but of course she said no.  We had been setting a timer all day and making her go when the timer went off but we had forgotten to reset it and we just all got engrossed in the movie....  and of course she was sitting on me.  But all in all she did really well.  Noa wasn't potty trained until he was just weeks shy of 3 and she is still a few months away from being 3.  But she is a girl and girls are supposed to be easier.  But Noa was easy but he was also older so really I have no clue.  The test will be tomorrow when I actually have to go run errands and leave the house with her!!  Wish me luck and dry clothes!

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