Monday, February 21, 2011

Life would be eaiser without a 3 year old .... but no fun!

My mom and step dad agreed to take my kids this last Sunday so that James and I could finally (we had a leak and had some drywall replaced over 3 years ago)  repaint our family room.  I just knew there was NO way we could get it done with our kids in the house.  Noa really not so much he can entertain himself at 7 and knows to stay out of stuff.  But Marley is whole other story.  Point blank she's a terror.  She gets into whatever you don't want her to with attitude.  Noa was somewhat the same way but she is 10x worse with attitude.  Anyway as soon as my mom dropped the kids back off Sunday night she said something about not being able to get anything done with Miss Marley in the house.  NO KIDDING!  Anyway James and I moved all our furniture to the middle of the room Saturday night and bright and early Sunday we started filling nail holes, cleaning moldings and painting.  Not only did we repaint the patched section of wall but the whole room and then we cleaned everything and ended up rearranging the room.  My cousin asked for pictures so I am obliging her and getting in an overdue blog post.  We ended up choosing a lighter, brighter gray color (it was a sort of purple gray before).  I have so much color already going on with my art, curtains, and furniture that I figured a neutral would still be the best way to go.  So here are some pictures of the newly painted and rearranged family room.  We still don't have any of our art or pictures back up on the walls because we have to rearrange them to fit the new furniture arrangement.  I will try to get some more pictures after all the stuff is up on the walls.  But for now just admire the lovely new gray painted walls with no scuff marks!!

 View looking down the stairs into the family room (Marley is sitting on the couch)

 On the stairs looking the right where the kids toys & computer are

On a side note the bookcase in this picture is half of what it was before we started our repaint.  It was a full 6 foot bookcase but after we cleared it and tried to move it the bottom half just fell apart.  I love Target but this bookcase was from there and it totally fell apart after 3 years.  And that is pathetic because I still have a bookcase from when I was 12 from IKEA that is perfect.  So now we are on the lookout for a new full bookcase because what you don't see is our dining room table that is covered in kids games that were on the bookcase that now no longer fit.

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