Sunday, March 20, 2011

Confessions of the Day 20

The other day I bribed my daughter not once but TWICE in one day with candy.  I had to bribe her to leave a party so she got a lollipop to get her into the car.  Then I had to run errands and I rather unwisely decided not to put her in a shopping cart in Michael's (I was literally running in for 2 things & I knew exactly where they were) so again I bribed her to listen and behave with another lollipop (although this one was a tiny one at least). 

I was eating M&M's (stolen from the kids candy bag no less) because I needed some chocolate desperately (PMS big time).  Marley caught me eating something and when she asked for some of what I was eating I lied and told her it was my vitamins so she couldn't have any.

I really wish I had my pre-kids brain back.  I used to remember everything and was so on top of things before I had kids.  I know forget things like Noa's baseball practices (one of the first of the season too) and birthdays.  Before I had kids I always, ALWAYS got birthday cards to my family out on time.  Not so much now.  In fact my grandfather's birthday was last week and I still have his card sitting on my kitchen counter needing to be filled out and mailed.

So yeah I am totally in the running for mother of the year.....

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