Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What type of cell phone do you have and how would you rate it?
It's a Samsung Intensity.  I am not thrilled with it.  I refused to get a smart phone until Verizon got the iPhone (which they now have) because I am an Applephile.  Anyway when I got this phone iPhones were still only at AT&T and I didn't want a Droid but I wanted a phone with a keyboard so that I could text easier.  I would rate this phone a 2 out of 5. It's not that user friendly and the N button started malfunctioning about 2 weeks after I got it.

2. What has been your most serious injury?
I've broken a toe and while it's painful and annoying it's not terrible.  I guess I would have to say the time I hyper-extended my knee.  I was around 12 years old and playing basketball.  During the game I stepped on another girls foot and we both moved at the same time and my knee when back into itself.  It hurt really badly.  Badly enough that my mom took me to the doctor.  I still have issues with that knee to this day.

3. What is one movie you hate and why?
Piranha (the one in 3D that came out last fall).  I actually saw it in the theater and cringed my way through it.  But then I saw it again a few weeks ago when James rented it.  I just could not sit through it again and decided I hated it.  There is just way too much unnecessary gore for my taste.  I don't like gore to begin with and this movie is WAY over the top with it.

4. How many email addresses do you have?
I have 4.  My personal one I've had for years, a spam one, a gmail one just because James said I should have one and one for my Katiemade Crafts Etsy business.

5. What website do you waste the most time on?
Facebook! I somehow got sucked into Frontierville and I play it way too much.

6. Which Mexican restaurant makes the best salsa?
A local place called Flaming Amy's Burrito Barn.  They have a whole salsa bar with lots of different kinds to try like mango, pineapple, and several others but my personal fave is their plain old fresh tomato salsa.  They use lots of cilantro which I love.

7. What is your dream car?
Right now it would be a fully loaded minivan.  I mean leather seats, navigation, DVD player, sliding doors, automatic trunk open and all that stuff.  Once my kids are grown and gone I would love to have a black convertible VW Bug.  I love the new Bugs! They are so cute and get good gas mileage plus they are actually roomy inside for the driver and passenger.

8. If you could spend up to $100 with no strings or restrictions or guilt, what would you buy?
I am assuming this is for yourself vs. what you need for the house or kids.  I would get a mani & pedi and then an hour long massage and go out to lunch.

9. What is your favorite board game?
I am not good with picking just one.  I like Sequence, Trivial Pursuit, and Apples to Apples.

10. How often do you change your hairstyle?
Pretty much never.  I love my mom but when I was a child I always had short hair because it was easier to maintain for my mom (which I totally understand).  But I always, always wanted long hair like all my friends and I was never allowed.  So as soon as I could take care of my own hair (around 11 or so) I started to grow my hair out.  I would say my hair has been long 95% of the time since was I 11. I will occasionally cut it short and I think it's cute but I always let it grow back out. I like having options like having it down or being able to braid it or put in in a ponytail.  We just had family pictures done this past weekend while my brother and his family was in town and I didn't realize how long my hair was until I saw the pictures.  Here is one that really shows how long it is.

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